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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When You Love Somebody...

From the lovely Vic at Freckles and Fudge:

You give them your all. Your whole heart and soul. You give them things you never thought you could give. Appreciation, encouragement, love, wishes, prayers, an ear, a hand, a shoulder, a kidney. When you love someone, you don't stop to think what ifs. You just give. Today I cannot give a special person in my life a hug for her birthday and that makes me cry. It makes me sad. It eats me away sometimes that we have no family here. And unless you've experienced being many moons away, you have no idea how lucky you are to have the friends and family that you so desperately need in your life.



Pip Pip Hooray said...

what a lovely post Adrienne... loved it ... thank you. ♥♥

Allison Kaye said...

Cute light bulb and pretty flowers!
-Allison Kaye

"this fashion lark." said...

These are lovely pictures x