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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"I" Loves

SignePling is a beautiful blog coming to us from Norway. It is written in Norwegian and English. Here, she writes about three things she loves that begin with the letter I (in Norwegian at least).
Pictures: WeHeartIt

3 ting å bli glad av som starter på I
  1. Iskaffe. Beste starten på dagen som finnes og jeg drikker i alle fall 2 mens jeg leser avisen eller blar gjennom favorittbloggene mine på søndags morgen.
  2. Ingefær. Mmm! Godt i te eller i en god gammeldags ingefærøl. Asiatisk mat med lime, koriander og ingefær er også en favoritt.
  3. iPod'en min. Så klart! Spesielt om jeg er på reisefot!

    3 things I love starting with the letter I. Naturally it won’t always start with the same letter in English as it does in Norwegian, but what the heck, I'll translate it anyway! 

    1. Iced Coffee. Best way to start a new day and I drink at least two of them while I read the newspaper or my favorite blogs on Sunday morning.
    2. Ginger. Yum! Lovely in tea or in a good old ginger ale. Asian food with coriander, lime and ginger is another favorite of mine.
    3. My iPod. This is a no brainer and especially when traveling!


    Signe said...

    Thanks for the feature, fun to see my post on another blog! :)

    vintch said...

    what a lovely idea for a blog! thank you so much for referring me to this site. I posted this today on my blog and would love to be featured on yours:

    have a great day:)

    Zsara said...

    Strange, I know, but I loved reading the Norwegian (not that I knew what it meant, although I did get iPoden :) )

    I'd love if you would include my post: