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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

love, zsara

Here is a post from love, zsara. She has a lovely ongoing thing were she is writing 100 things she is thankful for/ loves. Here are some of them:

81. silver jewellery.

82. a truly personalised bedroom.

83. seeing your favourite band live

84. expressing thoughts physically.  usually this is through dancing but today it's been painting - it's been fun :)

85. when something isn't what you first thought it was.

86.grabbing a handful of coffee beans / nuts / seeds....anything small for some reason i've always loved that sensation (just me being a freak? oh... haha)

87. remembering a poem which my sister wrote about the bus home from school with foggy windows every time i'm on a bus with foggy windows.

88. when you find someone who you would choose a thousand times over any celebrity crush. including johnny depp.

89. finding someone with the same birthday as you.

90. finding something truly beautiful.... (see post above) :)

What do you love? Post it to the love train!


lindsay said...

i absolutely adore this post...there is so much prettiness here!
thank you for the lovely inspiration ♥

Zsara said...

awww <3 thank you so much! :) xxZ

Signe said...

This is a lovely post :)