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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Six Things I Know About Love

Iris Jaye from Metaphors joined A Love Train. Here is what she wrote:

I'm not the expert on love. But for my age, I believe I've seen and felt plenty. I don't want to write about myself and my stories. Instead, I've decided to write six things I know about love.


1. Love is everything. We live because of love; because we love, and because we want to be loved. It can be your family, your friends, your special one, your hobby, your work, that book you're reading, that chocolate you're eating.

We live simply because there is something we love which makes us happy. And while there is still something to love, there is still something to live for.

2. Love doesn't hurt. Most people think it does, what with all the heart-break and rejection we witness. But it isn't love that hurts, it's the absence of it. When someone lies or cheats, or when chooses someone else over you, it hurts not because there's love in your heart, but because there's less love in theirs.

Love isn't what breaks our hearts; the truth is, it's what heals our hearts.

Think chocolate.

3. Love isn't just romance. Romance is romance. Love is a phenomenon. Romance is what you do and how you feel; love becomes the very life that you live. It's not just the person you're going to marry someday, the person on your mind all the time, or the person you spent all night crying over.

Love is also the family and friends who are there on your wedding day, the ones who always listen when you're talking all about your crush, the ones who bring the ice cream and hugs over when you need it most.

4. Love changes everything. It changes the things you do, because you want your loved ones to be a part of it. Read a book everyday. Can't start the day without coffee. Texting goodnight before you sleep. It changes the person you are, because the people and things you love become a part of you.

Learning to love someone or something usually turns them into a priority: the most important thing in our lives.

5. Love is beautiful. It always is. If you don't find it beautiful, it's because you're not in the presence of that same love. Some love art, others don't give a second glance. Some couples share everything, others think that's suffocating. But if it's love, it's always beautiful.

It's always worth writing songs and stories about, painting pictures about, thinking about and talking about. Love is worth saving, because love is what saves the world every day.

6. Love is real. When they say that love is a fairy tale, we automatically think it's imaginary, unreal or non-existent. I believe that love being a fairy tale actually means that it happens, just not in the way we expect it to. It's not the things that we hear as children or see in the movies, because those things end. But real-life fairy tales, and real-life love, last.

And if you're even reading these words, I know you believe me.

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Signe said...

Hi Adrienne and thanks for stopping by :)
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